Electric Machete Printing

 Initial inquiries: 

(651) 373-8701


Electric Machete Printing works on a 6-color screen-printing press. We specialize in artist-to-artist design & print services for Twin Cities local music merchandise & cooperatives (such as album jackets, posters, t-shirts, and hoodies). 

Currently we accept small runs of a 25 shirt minimum. We love one-color printing. 


Artist Merchandise & Design:
Xilam Balam, balam@electricmachete.com

Commercial Order, Vectoring & Graphic Design, & Initial Inquiries: 
Mariano Morales, printing@electricmachete.com, (651) 373-8701



  • I only want one shirt. Can you do this? Maybe. We're happy to help artists. You might also be able to get simple block letter one-shirts at the mall.  
  • How long does it take? We need at least 1 week for turnaround to coordinate the printing in our studio. Plan for additional time if your piece needs special graphic design or placement. Plan for additional time if you need to special order a certain kind of clothing, bag, or paper.  
  • Generally, how much will it cost? It varies depending on the project, quantity, # of colors, and cost of products. Give us a call. We'll be happy to talk it over with you, (651) 373-8701!
  • I have printing experience. Can I (or my group) print my/our own? Not at the moment.
  • Can you come to my class/event and lead a screen-printing project? Yes, we teach and send artists into the community for public art activities, workshops, & residencies. Please contact info@electricmachete.com about booking a screen-print teaching artist.