Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra


Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra is an emerging interdisciplinary post-modern folk artist, curator, and civic artist working in the intersections of art, culture, community, and equity. Her practice includes visual art, music, dance, and performance with an emphasis on Latinx/Indigenous art methods. Her work lives in the Nepantla or in-between of Christianity and Indigeneity and explores iconography, propaganda, Decolonization, and Liberation Theology. 

Rebekah co-founded Electric Machete Studios, a Twin Cities Art and Music cooperative and gallery, where she serves as Artistic director. She writes and performs music as Lady Xok. She also works with Intermedia Arts as curator of the exhibition series Dimensions of Indigenous, uniting Indigenous people of the 4 directions, and with Creative CityMaking Minneapolis addressing systemic inequity. She is self-taught, family-taught, and studied studio art at St. Olaf College and Holtekilen Folkehøgskole in Oslo, Norway. Rebekah has over 10 years experience as a teaching artist in non-profits, churches, and schools sharing cultural storytelling and environmentally-just reuse found-object resquatche techniques. .

My work is the post-modern expression of traditional artesanías. I am interested in reinterpreting indigenous folk art techniques into conceptual allegory. I use found object materials to reflect on the practice of Liberation Theology of El Salvador and decolonization.


Exhibit: SUGAR & PAPER

OCT. 2-NOV. 1, 2015

Opening reception Friday, October 2, 2015,  7-9pm

Sugar & Paper is a solo exhibition by Rebekah Crisanta and an exploration of the materials of Day of the Dead art.