Felipe Cuauhtli

Phillip "Felipe" Espinoza-Day is a well-respected Minnesota musician, performer, community organizer, leader, teaching artist and educator. Born to a politically conscious Black/African American father and a Chicana/Mexican American mother, Phillip Espinoza-Day grew up shaped by family, music, community and was raised with a strong sense of his bicultural identity. Phillip is one of the original members of Headshots Crew, to later become Rhymesayers Entertainment, a hip hop record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is also a co-founder and member of the hip hop band, Los Nativos. Phillip has also toured globally as a percussionist with Rhymesayers frontrunners Atmosphere.

As a traditional Aztec dancer, Felipe has developed and directs a teaching artist program, Clase Ocelotl, that teaches leadership skills and cultural awareness through traditional Aztec dance music and Mexica culture in schools throughout Minnesota. He has worked as a classroom educator, youth worker and special education instructor for over 20 years in charter schools, guidance centers, magnet schools, mainstream and alternative settings.

Felipe is also founder of Dimensions of Indigenous and Indigenous People’s Day Hip Hop Showcase (formerly Anti-Columbus Day) an annual event that uses hip hop and community action to raise awareness around the effects of colonization on communities of color and celebrates indigenous culture through art and music. Phil also is the lead organizer for the Soundset Custom Car Show which displays over 100 custom cars!