About Us

Electric Machete Studios is a fine arts gallery, art and music studios, print house, and boutique.

Art. Music. Culture. Community. 

About Electric Machete Studios 
 Electric Machete Studios (EMS) is a Twin Cities art and music collective featuring contemporary and experimental work rooted in traditional Latinx and Indigenous art methods. On the day of ‘El Grito’ in September 2015, Electric Machete Studios opened a flexible white box gallery in St. Paul. As culture-bearers, we believe that educating others on traditional art forms is critical for the survival of Xican@ / Latinx / Indigenous histories and traditions. Intergenerational workshops, community art happenings (improvised performance events), and art exhibitions serve as the foundation for highlighting social justice issues within our communities. Our work seeks to intervene in cultural displacement and racial inequities by offering alternative spaces, counter narratives, and community building opportunities for Xican@ / Latinx / Indigenous people in the Twin Cities in solidarity with Indigenous peoples throughout the Americas. 

About incubator partner Ce Tempoxcalli  
Ce Tempoxcalli's mission is to build healthy communities by revitalizing Indigenous cultural knowledge. It is with a Mexica (Aztec) heart that Ce Tempoxcalli serves Indigenous peoples of the four directions through the program areas of Arts and Culture, Environmental Justice, Health and Wellness, and Community and Youth Development. 

Board of Directing Artists | visit artists' pages for studio practices
Xilam Balam,
Artist, Printer, Audio Engineer, Teaching Artist
Rebekah Crisanta de Ybarra,
Artist, Artistic Director & Visual Arts Curator
Felipe Cuauhtli,
Artist, Financial Manager, Screen-Printing & Purchases
Tania Galaviz,
Artist, Community Outreach, Volunteer & Events Coordinator
Reynaldo Lara, 
Artist, Curriculum Development, Blog, Gallery Manager
Jessica Lopez Lyman, 
Artist, Performance Arts & Engagements Curator