Mujeres Grabando Resistencia & Martires 68

We are Mujeres Grabando Resistencias (Women Engraving Resistance), a collective that uses graphic art as a tool in our search to build our own memory and capture the strength of our struggles and protests, as well as those of other women who rebel and organize themselves against the oppression of heteropatriarchal capitalism around the world.

Over time, we have grown, changed and strengthened ourselves, and we continue to learn and move forward. We have made the conscious decision to take on the challenge of being part of a collective building and learning process. We are a group that brews desires and knowledge, that brings together voices and shares multiplied rebellions that flow and weave themselves into a NOS/OTRAS (WE/OTHERS).

This project came to fruition in the Escuela Popular Mártires del 68 in Mexico City. When we started, our collective was formed by Tetera, Estrella, Argelia, Aire, Susana, Andrea, Lucía, Mariana, Karina, Alettia, Sanya, Erika, Nancy, and Andalucía.