Luis Fitch

Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, artist Luis Fitch has a twenty-two year history living, working and producing creatively/artistically in the Minneapolis communities of Calhoun-Isles, Whittier, Phillips and West Calhoun.  Fitch is the Founder and Strategic Creative Director at UNO Branding, a sixteen year-old branding cross-cultural communications and design firm based in the Whittier Neighborhood of Minneapolis.  

Fitch’s artwork is the foundation to his cross-cultural communications and design work at UNO Branding, which is well known locally, nationally and internationally.  For over two decades, through his art, Fitch has cross-culturally imprinted commercial and non-commercial (nonprofit and personal) spaces, strategically and successfully influencing publics across all sections of society.

Fitch’s artistic approach is the simple idea that what is conceptualized and produced from a public art standpoint starts at local and grassroots levels in the ‘neighborhoods’ with the people where they make their lives living, consuming and working.

Fitch asserts that public art uniquely expresses community values, enhances our environment, transforms a landscape, heightens our awareness and questions our assumptions.  In this context, public art is the product of an integrative process involving community residents, artists, civic leaders, government agency staff, community stakeholder groups, design professionals, architects and construction teams

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